Discovering | Il Borro

Discovering Il Borro

Discovering Il Borro

“Il Borro is a timeless place”
Ferruccio Ferragamo

A tradition that must be preserved

Restoration of the ancient medieval hamlet was triggered by the wish to bring this place back to life and represents the perfect combination of the past, the present and the future. It is a place of a thousand souls which pass on traditions and history according to ethical principles calling for employment of local craftsmen and workers and emphasizing respect for the environment and making eco sustainable choices.

Il Borro Today

The agricultural estate Il Borro affords a perfect integration of high level hospitality and exclusive stays offering the most genuine Tuscan experience. For medium and long term stays the ideal solution is to select one of the available villas ranging from the Dimora Storica (Historical Dwelling) which can accommodate up to 20 people, or the Villa Casetta situated in the Merlot vineyards, or the Villa Mulino which sits surrounded by holly oak and oak trees. For short term stays, the suites located in the medieval hamlet or at “Aie del Borro” offer the utmost well being.

Vacationing at Il Borro

Il Borro offers an opportunity to experience well being and relaxation while discovering nature and the local crafts. Guests have a variety of available activities such as the Spa, two tennis courts, the golf course, the football field, a structure for calesthenics, the Wine & Art Gallery and a century-old wine cellar. Topping it off is the cuisine which exalts the Tuscan food and wine fare to be enjoyed in the Osteria del Borro (Borro Tavern) and Il Borro Tuscan Bistro.


The agricultural soul of Il Borro remains intact and emphasizes respect for this land and its fruits. Here, 1100 hectares are still cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture thus producing top quality wines, extra virgin olive oil, honey and seasonal vegetables. These very products can be found in the food and wine selections of the Estate, in keeping with the agri tourist philosophy. Lastly, thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, Il Borro boasts a negative impact of Co2 emissions.

Il Borro
wine cellar

Since the year 1300, the area where Il Borro is located, in the Upper Valdarno, has been designated as an optimal area for the cultivation of vineyards. Thus, right from the very beginning Ferruccio Ferragamo with his son Salvatore have been committed to bringing this activity back to life. After years of research, studies and experimentation, Il Borro cellar now has 12 quality label, 10 of which are organic.

The gourmet experience
from the land to the table

Il Borro restaurants, also available to outside guests, afford the most refined food and wine selections: the Osteria del Borro and the Vincafè which are all under the supervision of the Executive Chef Andrea Campani.

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Each guest at Il Borro can select different solutions for their stay: the exclusive Dimora Storica (Historical Dwelling), the characteristical Villa Mulino situated in the woods, the romantic Villa Casetta in the Merlot vineyards and lastly, the elegant and refined suites located in the medieval hamlet o in the “Aie del Borro.” For more private stays, I Borrigiani, characterized by an agri tourist formula, or the Villas of Viesca in the Florentine countryside are ideal.