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Experiencing Il Borro

Experiencing Il Borro
Culture and tradition

La Bottega (The Shop)

La Bottega is the place to shop for Il Borro wines, extra virgin olive oil, organic honey and all the Estate’s products as well as accessories and perfumes selected each season for the guests.

Il Borro Concept Shop

Il Borro Concept is a small space where guests can enjoy being tempted by the accessories, design objects, selected items of clothing, all of which are the result of an accurate stylistic research on the part of Vivia Ferragamo, Ferruccio’s daughter. The selection is inspired by the ethical and sustainable principles of elegance and craftsmanship and by the Estate’s very philosophy.

Il Borro Artisans

The lively Shops of the ancient medieval hamlet open their doors to the guests who thus have a rare opportunity to watch the local artisans at work as they go about producing their precious objects. These include the shoemaker, the goldsmith, the decorator and the embroiderer.


A veritable food and wine-artistic trip that traces the passions and the history of the Ferragamo family and entails tasting the Estate’s organic wines and finding oneself at the heart of the wine making magic. From Il Borro’s Cellars the journey proceeds into the heart of the Tuscan wine tradition; it is a journey to experience and understand the “art” of drinking well whose roots here are centuries old.

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At Il Borro each guest can choose from different solution: the exclusive Historical Dwelling, the typical Villa Mulino set in the woods, the romantic Villa Casetta surrounded by the Merlot vineyards and lastly the elegant and refined suites with the mideval hamlet or in the “Aie del Borro”. For more reserved stays, the ideal solutions are I Borrigiani characterized by the agrotourist formula or the Ville di Viesca situated in the Florentine country side.
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