Restoration and retrieval of Il Borgo | Il Borro

Restoration and retrieval of Il Borgo

Restoration and retrieval of Il Borgo

History of Il Borgo

Il Borro, situated amid the meandering and green Tuscan hills is commonly referred to as a medieval village. In point of fact it already existed in the XII century and originated as a castle. Given its fortified position, throughout the centuries it gained remarkable strategic, economic and political importance. It was a disputed area between the most important and prestigious families. In the mid ‘50s the entire estate covering approximately 1000 hectares, together with the hamlet, became the property of Duke Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta.

The past, present and future combine to give the hamlet new life

In 1993 the Duke sold Il Borro to Ferruccio Ferragamo who in previous years often stayed there and was attracted by the uncontaminated nature and the area’s beauty. Ferruccio Ferragamo undertook major restoration the purpose of which was also emphasize the history, the traditions and the nature that surrounds the hamlet. This kind of dedication is still ongoing today thanks to the loving involvement on the part of his children: Salvatore, CEO and Vittoria who is responsible for the organic vegetable garden and Special Projects.