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Il Borro vegetable garden

A Garden for the connoisseurs

A passion for organic production

Organic production employs a system that for centuries has regulated traditional agricultural production: agricultural rotation which in the medium and long term period safeguards the requirements of the agricultural estate as well as allowing regeneration of the soil’s fertility.

The Orto del Borro

Il Borro Vegetable Garden takes its name from the hamlet situated along the hills of Arezzo’s Valdarno. It was created in 2012 and was originally meant only for the Ferragamo family. Today it covers 3 hectares and in 2015 was awarded organic certification given the system of production based on respect and management of natural equilibriums. Today the entire project is handled by Vittoria Ferragamo, Ferruccio’s fifth daughter, who is assisted by the agronomist Leonardo Cistullo and by a team of experts in agriculture and botany.
Orto del Borro

Beyond Il Borro Vegetable Garden

Besides producing seasonal vegetables and raising different breeds of chickens such white Valdarnesi, white Livornesi and red Toscane, Il Borro has now undertaken the production of flours of ancient grains, spelt grain (with a low glutin content), buckwheat (glutin free) used to produce hand-made pasta, unrefined flours, puffed grains and biscuits.
The range of products is completed by tomato purees; shortly, a line of sauces for pasta will also be available.
The determination to obtain products from the territory is an integral part of the estate’s philosophy. Experts in the sector follow each phase from sowing to cultivation to harvesting so as to guarantee the excellence of the finished products.