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The Cellar

A journey into the heart of the
Tuscan wine making tradition

A rich terroir, an ideal climate,
wines with a strong territorial connotation

Seen from above, this part of the Valdarno valley appears like a flat valley floor; nonetheless, a closer look reveals a landscape that is much more dramatic with sharp hills, narrow river beds, mixed woods and undulating fields. Each individual wine is the result of a careful study of the Estate’s terrain where different varieties have been planted in order to achieve the best expression of our terroir.

Our Organic Philosophy

Being involved with organic activity entails a special way of living as well as observing and respecting the land. The end goal is to help the land to regenerate while maintain fertility and establishing an ideal balance between nature and the human impact. The entire estate is based on the exclusive use of natural fertilizers and organic pesticides for the cultivation of the vineyards. The estate completed its conversion to the organic method in 2015.
Wines and specialties

Organic agriculture

As of 2012, all chemical products were totally eliminated and vineyards started to be managed according to the principles of organic agriculture, with the inclusion of some biodynamic procedures aimed at increasing product sustainability. The goal of our sustainable organic philosophy is to create an closed company productive cycle and to favor biodiversity through the creation of complex ecosystems.

Visiting the cellar

Organized tours open the doors to the wine cellar and lead the way along an oenological and cultural route into the heart of winemaking. The tour is much more than looking at the vineyards, taking in the view and tasting the wine. With an expert guide, it becomes an all inclusive experience that encompasses the discovery of the vineyards, the cellar, the wine, the art and the architecture.
Wine Tour