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The Cellar and Wine Tour

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The cellar

Built in stone, the medieval cellar unfolds under the Villa Il Borro where the process of wine making silently takes place: here everything is in favor of nature’s cycles and it is here that the simple fruits are transformed into wine. In 2004 the owners built an underground tunnel used as the barrique cellar for wood and wine ripening. This area also connects the new cellar to the original one via a highly suggestive and fascinating route.

The wine making process

The harvest is done entirely by hand: the grapes are manually harvested and chosen carefully, they are destemmed , pressed and conveyed to the steel or wood vats for fermentation. Maceration of the skins is carefully carried out in order to optimize the process of extraction in order to obtain the utmost expression of the fruits of the vines and of the territory. The growth of the vines is a long process where refinement plays an equally important role and from time to time, French oaks are selected. Before the wine can leave the cellar, it must be placed in glass in order to achieve correct refinement.

The Wine Tour Experience
is an adventure into Il Borro’s cellar and the gateway
to the fascinating world of wine making

Organized tours open the doors to the wine cellar and lead the way along an oenological and cultural route into the heart of winemaking. The tour is much more than looking at the vineyards, taking in the view and tasting the wine. With an expert guide, it becomes an all inclusive experience that encompasses the discovery of the vineyards, the cellar, the wine, the art and the architecture.
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The Shop and Wine Club

Discover the renown Borro labels that are born of the intense passion for the territory, its traditions, the respect for nature’s cycles and innovation. And discover the privileges linked to the Wine Club which are guaranteed to offer the most passionate wine lovers a truly unique experience.
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